How to Enter into Heaven 6/16

Teach the Gospel to ALL the World 8/2017

God made the MAN the Ruling Authority of the Home 8/2017

The Unrigheous will NOT inherit God's Kingdom 8/2017

The Holy Ghost is Power 7/2017

God Shall Be Revealed in Flaming Fire! 7/2017

Marriage 7/2017

Pride is an Abomination to God 7/2017

Wash and Cleanse me Oh God 7/2017

You Must be born of the Water and Spirit 6/2017

God's Word for single Fathers 6 2017

God has Chosen us in Him 6/2017

God's Church begin in Jerusalem 6/2017

Why not Serve Your Creator? 5/2017

Walking According to the Course of This World 5/2017

A Woman DOESN'T Qualify to Preach God's Word 5/2017

Fornication and Child Bearing 4/2017

They have forsaken the Lord 4/2017

Being buried by Baptism 4/2017

Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils 4/2017

Our God is ONE God! 4/2017

God is A Righteous Judge 3/2017

​Seek God's Righteousness 3/2017

God's Wrath is Against an Unnatural Affection 3/2017

​How to Be Delivered from Sin 3/2017

God shall Be Revealed from Heaven 2/2017

​​It is A Blessing to Be Righteous 2-2017

Christmas 11/2016

Let God Deliver You 1/2017

The Wisdom of God is Foolish to the World 1/2017

Hell Fire 1/2017

You Must Be Baptized To Be Saved 1/2017

This Gospel is for Everyone 12/2016

With the Heart, man believeth unto Righteousness 12/2016

​Being chosen by God to be Holy 11/2016

God's Word on Absent Fathers in the Home 11/2016

​​God joins A Marriage together 11/2016

Come to Christ for Deliverance 10/2016

God is Making Preachers 5/2016

How to be Saved 9/2016

The Unmarried Having Children 3/15

God's Word will Wash and Cleanse You 7/16

The Blessings of Jesus Christ 9/16

God Made them Male and Female 9/16

God's Word on Family in the Home 6/16 

The Holy Ghost is Power And A Comforter 7/16

Repentance and Remission of Sin 10/16

Flee from Fornication 10/16

Believe Not Every Spirit 10/16

God is Our Comforter 12/20

God is Our Comforter 12/2017

God is our Savior 11/2017

At the Name of Jesus every Knee should bow 11/2017

The Godhead 10/2017

God's Word is our Marriage Instruction Manual 10/2017

SIN 10/2017

Beware of False Prophets and False Teachers 10/2017

Women Speakers In the Church is A Shame 10/2017

He that Believeth AND is Baptized SHALL Be Saved! 9 2017

Righteousness is RARE and Hard to find 8/2017

Come to Jesus Christ to be Saved 8/2017

You MUST be Born Again to see God's Kingdom 8/17

God ordained that the Mother and Father raise children together 2-17

The Apostles' Doctrine on Marriage 2 2017

God Creates Righteous Preachers! 6/16

Children NEED their Father in the Home 8/16

Fight the Good Fight of Faith 7/16

Without Natural Affection 7/15

The Rich Man In Hell 9/16

Let the Younger Women Marry; THEN Bare Children

God can deliver us from Trouble 8/16

The Prayer of Faith shall save the Sick 12/15

God DOESN'T make Women Preachers 1/16

The Body is NOT for Fornication 1/16

 We NEED God 10/15

The Day of the Lord WILL come 1/16

How shall they Hear without A Preacher 1/16

Jesus Said I will give you rest 5/16

A Woman CANNOT Preach 5/16

God's Word is OUR Marriage Instruction Manual 5/16

God delivered Paul and Silas 5/16

God's Word on the Family Structure 4/16

There is ONE God 4/16

Walk in the Spirit 3/16

The Pride of Life 3/16

Ye shall be HATED for Christ's Sake 3/16

Jesus Christ is calling You 3/16

God's Word is our Guide 2/16

Be Baptized to wash away your Sin 2/16

To be DEAD unto Sin, but ALIVE unto God 2/16

Salvation through Jesus Christ; NOT Yahweh! 11/15

Suffer NOT A Woman to Preach 10/15

Seek after and Serve God 12/15

To Be Chosen by God 10/15

You NEED the New Birth 9/15

Fornication is Sin 9/15

God can Wash and Cleanse from Sin 8/15